Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. They never last long enough do they.... no matter if you have a four day weekend or two day weekend. Here's a little recap of my weekend :)

Hubby was in Austin for the weekend for a bachelor party and I missed him mucho... I HATE sleeping alone at my house HATE it I tell ya.  I always find my largest kitchen knife and keep it in my night stand drawer, have pepper spray and my cell phone with 911 ready to go. I know I'm a little paranoid. We have a shot gun... but I don't know how to load it so I'll stick to my kitchen knife & mase thank you :) I will say I got brave enough to keep our bedroom door open.... normally when he's gone I'll shut it and keep it locked. Thankfully the dogs didn't have freak out sesh in the middle of the night. Sometime's I get so used to our little routine we have on week nights & weekends and when hubby travels it reminds me how much I love it.  I love spending most of my free time with him.  He's my best fran..... ok ok enough with the gushy lovey dovey stuff... I know what you're thinking BARF I just threw up a little in my mouth. 

I had Thursday & Friday off from work (leadership meeting for the doctor's so the office was closed). So I'm just going to start from Thursday! 


First off my mom stayed with us Wednesday night because we took her out to din din for getting a new job in Stillwater! Holla! I'm so stinkin excited... I love visiting Stillwater.  Also the doctor she got a job with comes highly recommended! Yah... GO MOM! So Thursday morning we all slept in because there was an awesome thunderstorm going on (hubby had the day off b/c he was meeting with OU for grad school & leaving for the weekend after his meeting).  It was great... the house was dark & the thunder was a rollin. Mom took us out to lunch and after Chris left for his meeting & mom left for Stilly to look for a place to live. I just hung around the house & got all domestic. Thursday night I had another Junior Hospitality meeting and it was GREAT! We had a yummy dinner and the board members talked about all the different events JH puts on to raise $$$ for the community. Krystalyn, Julie & I have been going to the meetings together and we met some really awesome girls at our table. I am really excited to get involved in this organization! Of course Thursday evening I watched BB13 and it was CRAZY! 


My good friend Ashley came over after her doctors appointment (she's expecting a sweet baby boy) and we went to the Saturn Grill for lunch.... she hadn't ever been and it's been a while since I had been and it was yummy! After we did a little shopping at Target... she was needing some maternity clothes and I needed to pick up some batteries & onesies for a special little gift/project I'm planning for Ashley's baby shower (I'm throwing my FIRST shower at our house for Ashley!!!). I may or may not have run into 2 dresses I couldn't live without ;)Friday night I rented soul surfer and watched it alone whhhaaa whhhaaa... I'm normally very excited to have alone time, but I have to admit I was missing hubby & needed some company so I went over to my friend Julie's place and hung out with her! 


I went to my normal yoga class first thing in the morning and we did yoga outside for the first time! It had rained the night before so it was nice & cool outside.  We did a lot of down dog exercises so I did get kinda hot and sweaty but it wasn't too bad.  I went and had lunch with Krystalyn, Clara (her 6 month precious baby girl), & Julie at Cafe 501.  We celebrated Krystalyn's birthday!! Cafe 501 is SO SO good.  We did a little window shopping at Uptown Kids, BD Home, & On A Whim (Julie found some great deals at On A Whim). 

After hangin with the girls I went to the grocery store and captured this image :) 

This guy had on camo pj pants with a fantasy t-shirt. AWESOME. Also, you can't see this in the picture but he had furry hair growing on his upper arms... YUCK. There aren't many nice grocery stores in the area so this is what we get :) And for the BIG FINALE I ran in the Midnight Streak 5K Saturday night. It was SO MUCH FUN! I did not train for this... so I'm not gonna lie it wasn't pretty.  We ran a 13 minute mile... not great but if I actually train for the next one I know I can do better. I had a great running partner who kept me motivated and pushed me! She for sure could have had a better time but she waited on me... sweet friend! I did this 5K last year with Kate and had such a great time I decided to do it again.  
AFTER the race
It's dark sorry... but this is the BEFORE


I slept in... and missed church :( I was SO tired & sore. I did some things around the house and went to Starbucks (where I currently am) to work on the blog and a few other projects! I cooked dinner with Julie & hubby came home yippie yippie!! Other than that I just relaxed and prepared for the week. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway maybe next month... what would you guys be interested in?! PLEASE let me know your thoughts! 

xoxo Diana


  1. YOU DID IT!! you ran a 5K !! with many more to come! GOOD JOB! I'm proud!!

  2. I'm liking the hottie at the grocery store. ;)

    And you didn't tell me the streak was this weekend!!


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