Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Here's our meal plan for the week!

Monday:  Jamie Oliver's crunchy garlic chicken, mashed new potatoes, sauteed spinach

Tuesday: white chicken enchilada's, refried beans

Wednesday: left overs from Tuesday

Thursday: chicken & dumplings... this is predicted to be the coldest day of the week :)

Friday: left overs from Thursday

Saturday: We'll be in Norman for the OU game!

Sunday: breakfast- whole wheat brown sugar banana bread pancakes, bacon, & scrambled eggs
              dinner- salmon with a garlic lemon butter sauce, broccoli & cauliflower

We have some good friends coming to stay with us this weekend & we'll all be going to the OU game on Saturday. Since they will be staying with us I thought I would try a new recipe for breakfast Sunday morning... whole wheat brown sugar banana bread pancakes!

We have crazy hair day at work today... can't wait to show you guys a picture of my hair!

Hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Here is our meal plan for this week!

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Free for all! I'll be at a meeting that provides dinner so Chris gets to find something in the kitchen :) love you babe.

Wednesday: Cripsy chicken over a creamy Italian bowtie pasta

Thursday: Free for all! I'll be at another meeting that provides dinner... Surely there will be left overs for hubby :)

Friday: date night at Mathew Kenney... We bought a groupon here a few weeks ago.

Saturday: Maple Glazed Salmon

Sunday: I can't remember this one :) it's at home in my planner opps.

PS the garlic roasted chicken pesto pizza I made last night was yummy but took WAY too much time. I may or may not have left the parchment paper on the pizza & cooked it on the crust. We may or may not then had to peel off the parchment paper.... UGH it was a slight kitchen fail.

Hope you guys have a happy Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Hi! Do you remember me? I'm that girl who used to blog 3-4 times a week and then went on a blogging hiatus because life got BUSY. But I'm not going to go on and on and talk about how busy I am (because frankly I HATE it when people do that) everyone is busy right?!If you have a child or don't have a child... if you work or stay at home... EVERYONE.IS.BUSY. I'm sorry I left without notice but I think things have calmed down enough to blog a little more. Yippie Skippie! 

I have A LOT to catch you up on but I want to share with you something I am SO excited about. I know this isn't any new idea but Kari Beth has been blogging and tweeting about her weekly meal planning lately & well it inspired me! I tried it last week for the very first time and it went SO WELL. We only ate out 2 times.... which was in the plan :) So here is my plan from last 

Monday: Jamie Oliver's crunchy garlic chicken with sauteed spinach
Recipe found HERE thanks to pinterest 

This was SO good. We will be cooking it again.

Tuesday: Mac & Cheese with Spinach sauteed. I just used the Annie's brand it was white cheddar cheese with spiral noodles. I had something to go to tonight so I just needed something super fast and yummy. 

Wednesday: Lemon Garlic Angel Hair Pasta & steamed brocoli
Recipe found HERE thanks to pinterest 

I cooked the noodles a little too long... so it was just alright :)

Thursday: LEFTOVER Lemon Garlic Angel Hair Past
It was actually better warmed up the second day.

Friday: I was supposed to make Maple Glazed Salmon but I forgot we had a fundraiser dinner we had already purchased tickets to so we just ate there. I plan on making the salmon this week. 

Saturday: We planned on eating out for lunch & dinner because Chris's mom & her sisters came to visit us all day so we were out and about. I did bake Salted Carmel Butter Bars for our guests and they are SO YUMMY & SO SO BAD for you. 
Recipe found HERE thanks to pitnerest

Sunday: Roasted Garlic Chicken Pesto Pizza
Recipe found HERE thanks to pinterest
This is tonights dinner! I have all my ingredients and I'll probably start cooking this very soon. The pizza crust is homemade so I'm a little nervous about this. I'll let ya know how it turns out. 

For breakfast I either had honey nut Cherrio's or a granola bar... Chris normally only eats a banana for breakfast. 

For lunch we packed our lunch everyday (both of us ALL.WEEK. this is a big deal for us) normally with a sandwich, apple cinnamon graham crackers or chips, yogurt and fresh raspberries. 

I'll blog tomorrow about our meal plan for this week. 

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! 


Monday, September 5, 2011

my day of unlabor

LOVE unlabor day & LOVE having a 4 day weekend!! 

1.We decided to start renovating our dining room yesterday. I am throwing a baby shower in October for my good friend Ashley and we thought this would give us some motivation to get the reno ball rolling. Chris took down half of the trim and door frames & spackled the holes in 1 wall and spackled some areas that needed to be smoothed. He is going to sand it today, finish taking off the trim and we'll paint 1 of the 4 walls. We are planning on putting up all new base boards, crown molding, door frames, and wains coating. It took all I had in me to convince him to paint the room a light gray color.... we finally after months of debate ;) decided on gravity by valspar. 

2. I took Eleanor on a run this morning and it was WONDERFUL. IT felt like the AC was on outside! I hardly broke a sweat. THEN I took Sebastian on walk. It was nice to take them separately but each time I felt bad for leaving the other one :( 

3. Hubby is helping his friend put up a fence this morning and after coming home to spackle and take down more trim soooo I have about 4 hours untill I need to help paint. I want to get some fun in the sun time in!! 

4. I just realized I will be out of town for the next 3 weekends and it's kinda freaking me out. The first weekend I come home will be the weekend I am throwing the baby shower... Ekk! That means I have to be super on top of my game and ORGANIZED! 

5. Last weekend I finished "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo and it was incredible. I was bawling like a baby. I highly recommend this book. It's a fast easy read too.... you won't want to put it down.

Enjoy your day of unlabor! I hope you have that day off from work so you can do whatever you please. 


Friday, September 2, 2011

Smile Friday: TOP 5 LIST

I am a BIG lover of lists... so I thought I would make a top 5 Friday list :)

1. UM to say our house is excited for college football ALL.DAY.LONG. tomorrow is an understatement. The hubs & I plan on hibernating and watching ALL the games in-doors in the comfort of our home. Don't get me wrong tailgating & being in the college town is AWESOME but we are trying to save some $$$ for our trip to Austin next weekend. 

2. I went to lunch at Cafe 501 (again) with some girl friends... it was delish as always. We went to the green bambino and I had my friend Ashley pick out a cloth diaper for baby C. Green Bambino is having a big moving sale with 10% off everything in the store and they also sent out a $5 off coupon via email subscription. I know I know it's so not fun that I had her pick it out.... but I wanted her to get the one she wants :) We also checked out the Sunflower market in OKC and I lubadubdub it!!! Whooooo Hooooo finally we are getting some good grocery stores in the area. It's a smaller cheaper version of whole foods. We also made a Starbucks run :) :) :) This was supposed to give me energy to clean & do laundry, but what I have done since I've been home???...... sit on my computer read blogs & look at Erin Condren planners. 

3. Which brings me to #3, I ordered my first Erin Condren planner. If you order the planner now you get the rest of 2011 FREE and all of 2012. My friend Ashley showed me her new Erin Condren planner today and I fell in love. This is the one I ordered.... it's the multi color zig zag. I used the promo code seeyousoon25 and I got $25 off! So my total order was $33 and some change. Perfecto! 

4. I rowed for the first time last night since April of this year. It was not pretty folks. I would like to think I'm a pretty coordinated person, I cheered & did dance all growing up.... but uh I am SO NOT coordinated on the river. It's actually pretty hilarious to watch me. I am taking a free class right now offered by the masters at the Cheasapeake Boathouse and you were supposed to have taken learn to row 1 & 2. Well I've only taken learn to row 1 :) I figured I would just wing it. Lets just say the coach could obviously tell I hadn't taken learn to row 2. I will say I feel 150% out of my comfort zone & I kinda like it! I'm not giving up on this.... yet anyways :)

5. I was able to take my fur babies on a nice cool walk this morning. They were so excited! 


Happy Smile Friday everyone! Enjoy your (hopefully) college football filled weekend :) 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

love what ya do

I think I've mentioned this a time or two... but I am a dental hygienist at a pediatric dental office. It's a pretty awesome office if I do say so myself. I don't really like to talk about work on here BUT I have a story semi-related to work today. So, we have an Air gas guy that comes twice a week to take out our empty oxygen and nitrous tanks and put new tanks in. We have had the same guy for a year or two.... his name is Perry. I feel like Perry and I are friends. We haven't ever actually had a conversation besides "Hi Perry, how are you" and "See ya later have a good rest of the day".  He's in his 60's and always ALWAYS has a smile on his face when he stops by our office. I work in an operatory close to the door he enters the office & every time he comes and goes he is so stinkin nice and has such a good attitude! It's too bad not everyone shares that good attitude, happiness & joy with their job. Life on earth is too short to not be happy. I mean you should have passion and enjoy what you do. I feel like Perry enjoys what he does and that makes me happy to see! I hope I display that same happiness that Perry does! I saw Perry at Chick-Fil-A on my lunch break switching out tanks for them.... didn't say hi because I was in the drive through line, but it just reminded me I have been wanting to post about how awesome he is!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Tuesday! 


Friday, August 26, 2011

Smile Friday: little lovely

Today I get to spend time with Ms. Clara :) Her momma is coming home from a work trip & her daddy is working on their new home! This is my first time to watch Clara all by myself! We are having a blast. We have played with fishes on the ipad, taken a snuggly nap with lambie, had lots of fun chats, eaten some baby food, taken a bottle, and changed a poopy & wet diaper! My fur babies are loving her too. 

This precious girl is making me smile :)

Happy Smile Friday

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday List

1. I got a 2 hour lunch today & you better believe I picked up some Chick-Fil-A for myself and the hubs and WENT HOME!!!! I never get to go home during lunch. It was great.... I was able to do 1 load of laundry, steam the guest room floor, clean up the kitchen, let the dogs out, oh and get to see my hubby :). I ate my chick-fil-a on the way home... I can't let those waffle fries get cold! 

2. I have JH tonight and I'm excited and ready for it. They always have a yummy dinner & I'm excited to meet more people!

3. I'm taking Angel(Eleanor) to the vet tomorrow because I am pretty sure she has a fungal infection on her skin. Ew.Gross. The groomers gave us the heads up and said it was either allergies or a fungal infection.  We've been giving her benadryl for the past 2 weeks and she is still majorly having skin irritations. Poor baby.

4. I get to watch Ms. Clara tomorrow ALL.BY.MYSELF.! Ekkk I'm so excited/scared. 

5. I am sending out Ashley's baby shower invitations today or tomorrow!! They are so adorbs. I'll share pictures after the shower (in October). 

6. I was able to blog on my lunch break AT HOME whooo hooo! 

7. Today didn't start off so great.... Hubby parked behind me.UGH. I always leave before him... SO I had to move his car (making me run late and I HATE to run late) While I was moving his car... Angel(Eleanor) ate my muffin on the coffee table. I forgot to take my allergy meds and boy was I feeling it. But then I got to work... and work was wonderful! I had great patients and it was slow(as in not running around like a crazy person busy) morning. Went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and used a coupon... but I was on the phone and in a hurry so I didn't notice that they didn't apply the coupon and the forgot to give me my ice cream in a cup instead of toy from the kids meal. Grrr. BUT I did get to spend an hour at home. This afternoon doesn't look too busy at work. Whooo Hoooo!

I'll see ya tomorrow for Smile Friday :)

Have a great day friends! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Words Of Wisdom

I'm sorry if you follow me on Pinterest. These are all from my words of wisdom pinboard.

Oh come on! You know you guys do this too :)

So very true. 

Why do I do this ALL.THE.TIME. 

This is what really makes me laugh.  I love it when a person has an unbelievable laugh.  It tickles me! 

Love this :)

I don't even like real coffee but love this quote. Even though I get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night so I don't really play by this rule.


This applies to a few people I know ;)


Happy Hump Day!


Monday, August 22, 2011

zillow confessional

Ok- So I may or may not have investigated many homes on a few weeks ago. I started off just using it to see what our home is "worth" and the houses surrounding. Then I was like hmmm you can actually see the history.... when you close, what the buyer paid, what the house is actually worth. Then I just got nosey! I felt like I needed to say a prayer after and ask for forgiveness for invading people's privacy. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Curiosity got the best of me. Did you guys know you could do this? It was probably so forever ago that this came out.... but nonetheless I just figured it out. 

This is not an advertisement. Just a blog confessional session. 

Happy Monday friends! 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smile Friday: & Saturday ;)

I missed Smile Friday (on Friday) but not on SATURDAY! 

I went to see my momma yesterday in Stillwater.  We went to Hideaway for lunch YUMMO.... and did a little shopping after. I'm so happy she's back in OK :)Every time I'm in Stilly I have to stop by my old house and snap a picture! I lived in this house for 2 years (my sophomore & junior year of college). I am getting more and more involved in the Kappa alum group in OKC and really enjoying it.

I had to snap a quick picture of the stadium... it looks amazing! Thank you Mr. Pickens :)

Saturday has been great! 

1. I went to yoga and it.was.intense.... a lot of strength training but ahluvit... so relaxing.

2. Got my car cleaned inside & out. 

3. Picked up a matcha green tea smoothie from jamba juice with a vitamin & probiotic boost.

4. Went to ghetto land and did my grocery shopping... not as exciting as last week. 

5. Ashley's baby shower invitations came in the mail! So I can start addressing them and send them out on Monday whooo hooo! 

6. I am watching keeping up with the kardashian's and I am ashamed to say I am getting a little teary eyed... it's the episode where Khloe gets married. 

7. Waiting on hubby to get home from golfing so we can run a few errands! 

Have a happy Saturday friends. 

Oh and Smile Friday..... & Saturday ;)Linking up with Smile Steady for Smile Friday.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pinterest Fall Fashion Finds

I can't even express how ready for fall I am! College football, pumpkin spice scents, boots, sweaters, chilly evenings. Chris & I LOVE waking up and watching game day Saturday morning.... we CAN'T WAIT! 

Here are some pins from my style pinboard.

My favorite are the Tory Burch boots & the leather jacket! Oh, and I love all the big scarves

xoxo Diana

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

I'm dreaming of these beauty's on my feet. Red Coyote just got this shoe in & it's all the buzz. I want need them, please.

Happy Tuesday bloggy friends!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. They never last long enough do they.... no matter if you have a four day weekend or two day weekend. Here's a little recap of my weekend :)

Hubby was in Austin for the weekend for a bachelor party and I missed him mucho... I HATE sleeping alone at my house HATE it I tell ya.  I always find my largest kitchen knife and keep it in my night stand drawer, have pepper spray and my cell phone with 911 ready to go. I know I'm a little paranoid. We have a shot gun... but I don't know how to load it so I'll stick to my kitchen knife & mase thank you :) I will say I got brave enough to keep our bedroom door open.... normally when he's gone I'll shut it and keep it locked. Thankfully the dogs didn't have freak out sesh in the middle of the night. Sometime's I get so used to our little routine we have on week nights & weekends and when hubby travels it reminds me how much I love it.  I love spending most of my free time with him.  He's my best fran..... ok ok enough with the gushy lovey dovey stuff... I know what you're thinking BARF I just threw up a little in my mouth. 

I had Thursday & Friday off from work (leadership meeting for the doctor's so the office was closed). So I'm just going to start from Thursday! 


First off my mom stayed with us Wednesday night because we took her out to din din for getting a new job in Stillwater! Holla! I'm so stinkin excited... I love visiting Stillwater.  Also the doctor she got a job with comes highly recommended! Yah... GO MOM! So Thursday morning we all slept in because there was an awesome thunderstorm going on (hubby had the day off b/c he was meeting with OU for grad school & leaving for the weekend after his meeting).  It was great... the house was dark & the thunder was a rollin. Mom took us out to lunch and after Chris left for his meeting & mom left for Stilly to look for a place to live. I just hung around the house & got all domestic. Thursday night I had another Junior Hospitality meeting and it was GREAT! We had a yummy dinner and the board members talked about all the different events JH puts on to raise $$$ for the community. Krystalyn, Julie & I have been going to the meetings together and we met some really awesome girls at our table. I am really excited to get involved in this organization! Of course Thursday evening I watched BB13 and it was CRAZY! 


My good friend Ashley came over after her doctors appointment (she's expecting a sweet baby boy) and we went to the Saturn Grill for lunch.... she hadn't ever been and it's been a while since I had been and it was yummy! After we did a little shopping at Target... she was needing some maternity clothes and I needed to pick up some batteries & onesies for a special little gift/project I'm planning for Ashley's baby shower (I'm throwing my FIRST shower at our house for Ashley!!!). I may or may not have run into 2 dresses I couldn't live without ;)Friday night I rented soul surfer and watched it alone whhhaaa whhhaaa... I'm normally very excited to have alone time, but I have to admit I was missing hubby & needed some company so I went over to my friend Julie's place and hung out with her! 


I went to my normal yoga class first thing in the morning and we did yoga outside for the first time! It had rained the night before so it was nice & cool outside.  We did a lot of down dog exercises so I did get kinda hot and sweaty but it wasn't too bad.  I went and had lunch with Krystalyn, Clara (her 6 month precious baby girl), & Julie at Cafe 501.  We celebrated Krystalyn's birthday!! Cafe 501 is SO SO good.  We did a little window shopping at Uptown Kids, BD Home, & On A Whim (Julie found some great deals at On A Whim). 

After hangin with the girls I went to the grocery store and captured this image :) 

This guy had on camo pj pants with a fantasy t-shirt. AWESOME. Also, you can't see this in the picture but he had furry hair growing on his upper arms... YUCK. There aren't many nice grocery stores in the area so this is what we get :) And for the BIG FINALE I ran in the Midnight Streak 5K Saturday night. It was SO MUCH FUN! I did not train for this... so I'm not gonna lie it wasn't pretty.  We ran a 13 minute mile... not great but if I actually train for the next one I know I can do better. I had a great running partner who kept me motivated and pushed me! She for sure could have had a better time but she waited on me... sweet friend! I did this 5K last year with Kate and had such a great time I decided to do it again.  
AFTER the race
It's dark sorry... but this is the BEFORE


I slept in... and missed church :( I was SO tired & sore. I did some things around the house and went to Starbucks (where I currently am) to work on the blog and a few other projects! I cooked dinner with Julie & hubby came home yippie yippie!! Other than that I just relaxed and prepared for the week. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway maybe next month... what would you guys be interested in?! PLEASE let me know your thoughts! 

xoxo Diana

Friday, August 12, 2011

Smile Friday: Expect The Unexpected

It's Smile Friday again I am linking up with Ashley over at Smile Steady. I don't know about you guys but there are about zero TV shows on this summer. HOWEVER, Big Brother 13 is on and this is by far my favorite show of the entire year. Last night was CRAZY Brachael is back in the game and poor Lawon was just plain dumb for offering to be evicted... DOY who does that?! Are you guys watching BB13? Please tell me I'm not the only mega fan around here. 

 The show comes on 3 nights a week and every Sunday, Wednesday, & Thursday I have a big ole smile on my face! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding DIY projects

I did a few DIY's for the wedding! Thought I would share :)

1. Flower Girl Basket. I didn't have a close up pic of the basket... sorry! I picked up the basket at Michael's for 1/2 off and hot glued green moss on the top & inside of the basket and hot glued a fabric flower on the side.  I got the fabric flower & moss from hobby lobby.  I wrapped ribbon around the handle and hot glued that.  I got the idea from etsy & thought oh surely I can do this DIY project.  It wasn't bad at all!  Funny story... I bought fabric flower petals for Ms. Ella to throw. Well we were practicing throwing the petals in the hotel room and didn't pick up our mess afterwards.  The next day we realized the flower petals were MIA.  The hotel maid I guess had picked up all the petals and threw them away..... eek!  But, no big deal I called my florist and she had real petals ready to go. 

2. Party Favors: Hot Cocoa with marshmallows & Cappuccino with marshmallows.  I found this idea on etsy as well..... but to buy these bad boys on etsy was crazy expensive.  I thought this would fit with the whole winter wedding theme.  I found these coffee bags online at a coffee supplies wholesale website. I found the ribbon at Hancock's fabric.  I used scrapbook paper and found a tag shaped puncher (there is a name for that tool I just can't think of it now) and tied the tag with light blue thin ribbon. I got the cocoa & cappuccino at Sam's and the baby mellows at wally world. Now this DIY took some T-I-M-E and took up lots of space in the car. My awesome bridesmaid Ashley & the lovely Julie helped me finish these up. I did really like how they turned out.  We had them sitting on the tables near the center of the table in front of everyone's seat. 

3. Last name initial to go on the outside of the reception door. It's just a tad crooked in the picture but whatevs.  So, Christopher's dad helped us start this project any my amazing friend Brittany helped finish the project. We picked up 2 bendable chain stakes (used in making chain fences) from Home Depot & got the greenery from Home Depot as well.  Chris' dad bent the stakes for us to make the G.  Brittany used clear fishing wire to tie the greenery around the G.  We did not put the ornaments on the G..... I think our wedding planner did that.  I would have just preferred the plain G but that's ok. 

4.  Ceremony programs with a wax seal. My bridesmaid Krystalyn helped me with the layout of the program and I picked up the paper at a local paper store. I had a ton of people help out with the wax seal including coworkers! I had the programs printed a Kinko's which I totally should have done for the invitations as well.  I picked up the invitation's in a little kit from Michael's and used my 40% off coupon to get all of them.  I printed off the invitations from my home printer and it was a TERRIBLE idea.  Take them to Kinko's and have the experienced people help you print them.... it will help you keep your sanity.  I also printed off place cards for all the guest's and had a "seating chart".  Our wedding planner (or maybe her helper) stood at the entrance of the reception venue and let our guest know what table number they would be sitting at and then they just found their name at the table.  I really liked having a seating chart that way our family could be close to us & our friends didn't get stuck at a random table with people they didn't know. 

5. Another DIY project that I didn't get a picture of were the table numbers.  I got some scrapbook paper from Michael's and cut out the table number's from stencils and layered the numbers on a different piece of scrapbook paper.  This was a WAY last minute DIY project that was done the day before the wedding in the hotel room and actually was primarily completed by my bridesmaids & house party girls. Thank You Thank You Thank You.  This was my friend Julie's idea.... and I loved how they turned out! 

6. We made these welcome bags for our guest's and had them in their hotel room when they arrived.  This was a BIG hit!  We had water, snacks, chocolate, and a print out of events for the wedding weekend and our favorite places to eat & things to do in Crested Butte. We got all the goodies to stuff the bags at Sam's. 

I think that sums up all of our wedding DIY's! 

Happy Hump Day friends!! 

PS I'm loving the storms that rolled through Oklahoma last night!  Sebastian never gets scared but that little man was up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. whining to go outside... I guess he wanted to see first hand all the action. This is my last work day of the week.... can I get whooo hoooo! The doctor's have a leadership meeting tomorrow & Friday and closed down the office.  My momma got a job yesterday so hubby & I are taking her out to dinner tonight to celebrate!! See you guys on Smile Friday! Hope your day is wonderful & blessed. xoxo