Monday, October 24, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Here is our meal plan for this week!

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Free for all! I'll be at a meeting that provides dinner so Chris gets to find something in the kitchen :) love you babe.

Wednesday: Cripsy chicken over a creamy Italian bowtie pasta

Thursday: Free for all! I'll be at another meeting that provides dinner... Surely there will be left overs for hubby :)

Friday: date night at Mathew Kenney... We bought a groupon here a few weeks ago.

Saturday: Maple Glazed Salmon

Sunday: I can't remember this one :) it's at home in my planner opps.

PS the garlic roasted chicken pesto pizza I made last night was yummy but took WAY too much time. I may or may not have left the parchment paper on the pizza & cooked it on the crust. We may or may not then had to peel off the parchment paper.... UGH it was a slight kitchen fail.

Hope you guys have a happy Monday!

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  1. Making a menu is so smart, I really should do it!


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