Monday, May 27, 2013

SIL'S graduation

My sister-in-law graduated college from Middle Tennessee State University a few weeks ago! She was a student athlete all 4 years playing keeper for the women's soccer team. We had a wonderful fast weekend filled with family time. 

Memorial Day 2013

Happy Memorial Day friends! I can't say thank you enough to all of those serving and those that have served our country. I always think of the above statement especially on days like today... "Land of the free because of the brave" isn't that the truth. As nice as it is to have an extra day to spend with family & friends and to have the day off of work I try to keep my focus on the reason for the day. I appreciate the sacrifices of the service men & women and those that their families make for us. Thank you simply isn't enough.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

entering the last year in my twenties

I turned 29 on May 2nd!

Thankfully where I work gives us our birthday day off work & I went ahead and took Friday off as well so I could have a looooong weekend. It was my first day off work for the year and boy was it needed. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to get back to what I love doing. Sometimes you just need to stop and breathe, take a break and get back to it.

My ideal day (when everyone else is working ;)) is creating my to-do list and getting to business so that's exactly what I did on my birthday! I got out of bed when my husband was leaving for work.. so I got to sleep in a little bit and went to work out. After working out I got my free birthday Starbucks drink & had the inside of my car cleaned. Came home, showered and got ready for the day!

This is what I found after I finished getting ready. They never cuddle like this!

So then I went and got my hair done, did some shopping, picked up some birthday flowers from my in-laws (that were sent to my work) and tried to get my oil changed and lifetime power train warranty inspection done.... I say tried because I had to make an appointment for the following day (apparently the inspection takes about 3 hours). So I went home, had some R&R time then my husband came home with cupcakes and a sweet card! We went to a nice dinner with some amazing food. It was a perfect night.

Incredibly dark picture but this was at dinner.

Pretty flowers from my sweet in-laws.

On Friday Chris took the day off work as well so we could have a fun day together before he left for a bachelor party for the weekend. We went to see a matinee of Iron Man 3 in the balcony at the Warren Theatre... always fun! The movie did not disappoint and it was so cute seeing all the little kids with their Iron Man toys. The car appointment I had made the day before did not as planned.. it's a long story that I don't want to bore you with. Long story short Chris & I took my car to a different dealership to get the oil change and inspection and while we were away one of our little fur babes got into some allergy medicine I had just purchased and left on the coffee table. One  (or both we didn't know at the time) of them ate 5 pills (decongestant medicine) soooo we called our vet and he wanted us to bring them in. Awesome. Basically our vet made them both throw up... Angel first because we thought she was the culprit. WRONG. We should have known it was Sebastian. Anyways they found all 5 pills in Sebastian's vomit (sorry if you got a graphic picture in your head). The IV medicine they gave them to throw up had morphine in it so they were loopy & out of it for the night. They're just fine now. I wouldn't say that was the best day... but you know glad we got that outta the way.

On Saturday my mom came in town to keep me company while Chris was out of town and to help celebrate my b-day with me. We had a fun day consisting of grocery shopping (thanks for coming with me mom... it's always fun having a partner at the grocery store), lunching at The Mule, real shopping, move theatre (to see the place beyond the pines) and cooking dinner together! It was a really fun day :)

A birthday gift to myself!

I'm excited for this 29th year of my life. Hoping it's a positive year for us!