Friday, August 26, 2011

Smile Friday: little lovely

Today I get to spend time with Ms. Clara :) Her momma is coming home from a work trip & her daddy is working on their new home! This is my first time to watch Clara all by myself! We are having a blast. We have played with fishes on the ipad, taken a snuggly nap with lambie, had lots of fun chats, eaten some baby food, taken a bottle, and changed a poopy & wet diaper! My fur babies are loving her too. 

This precious girl is making me smile :)

Happy Smile Friday


  1. ADORABLE!!!! Love the name Clara. It's a top contender on my girl-names-I-like list :)

  2. she is too cute! I just want to smoosh her little face!

  3. Look at those little roly-poly arms! She is such a doll. :)


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