Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding DIY projects

I did a few DIY's for the wedding! Thought I would share :)

1. Flower Girl Basket. I didn't have a close up pic of the basket... sorry! I picked up the basket at Michael's for 1/2 off and hot glued green moss on the top & inside of the basket and hot glued a fabric flower on the side.  I got the fabric flower & moss from hobby lobby.  I wrapped ribbon around the handle and hot glued that.  I got the idea from etsy & thought oh surely I can do this DIY project.  It wasn't bad at all!  Funny story... I bought fabric flower petals for Ms. Ella to throw. Well we were practicing throwing the petals in the hotel room and didn't pick up our mess afterwards.  The next day we realized the flower petals were MIA.  The hotel maid I guess had picked up all the petals and threw them away..... eek!  But, no big deal I called my florist and she had real petals ready to go. 

2. Party Favors: Hot Cocoa with marshmallows & Cappuccino with marshmallows.  I found this idea on etsy as well..... but to buy these bad boys on etsy was crazy expensive.  I thought this would fit with the whole winter wedding theme.  I found these coffee bags online at a coffee supplies wholesale website. I found the ribbon at Hancock's fabric.  I used scrapbook paper and found a tag shaped puncher (there is a name for that tool I just can't think of it now) and tied the tag with light blue thin ribbon. I got the cocoa & cappuccino at Sam's and the baby mellows at wally world. Now this DIY took some T-I-M-E and took up lots of space in the car. My awesome bridesmaid Ashley & the lovely Julie helped me finish these up. I did really like how they turned out.  We had them sitting on the tables near the center of the table in front of everyone's seat. 

3. Last name initial to go on the outside of the reception door. It's just a tad crooked in the picture but whatevs.  So, Christopher's dad helped us start this project any my amazing friend Brittany helped finish the project. We picked up 2 bendable chain stakes (used in making chain fences) from Home Depot & got the greenery from Home Depot as well.  Chris' dad bent the stakes for us to make the G.  Brittany used clear fishing wire to tie the greenery around the G.  We did not put the ornaments on the G..... I think our wedding planner did that.  I would have just preferred the plain G but that's ok. 

4.  Ceremony programs with a wax seal. My bridesmaid Krystalyn helped me with the layout of the program and I picked up the paper at a local paper store. I had a ton of people help out with the wax seal including coworkers! I had the programs printed a Kinko's which I totally should have done for the invitations as well.  I picked up the invitation's in a little kit from Michael's and used my 40% off coupon to get all of them.  I printed off the invitations from my home printer and it was a TERRIBLE idea.  Take them to Kinko's and have the experienced people help you print them.... it will help you keep your sanity.  I also printed off place cards for all the guest's and had a "seating chart".  Our wedding planner (or maybe her helper) stood at the entrance of the reception venue and let our guest know what table number they would be sitting at and then they just found their name at the table.  I really liked having a seating chart that way our family could be close to us & our friends didn't get stuck at a random table with people they didn't know. 

5. Another DIY project that I didn't get a picture of were the table numbers.  I got some scrapbook paper from Michael's and cut out the table number's from stencils and layered the numbers on a different piece of scrapbook paper.  This was a WAY last minute DIY project that was done the day before the wedding in the hotel room and actually was primarily completed by my bridesmaids & house party girls. Thank You Thank You Thank You.  This was my friend Julie's idea.... and I loved how they turned out! 

6. We made these welcome bags for our guest's and had them in their hotel room when they arrived.  This was a BIG hit!  We had water, snacks, chocolate, and a print out of events for the wedding weekend and our favorite places to eat & things to do in Crested Butte. We got all the goodies to stuff the bags at Sam's. 

I think that sums up all of our wedding DIY's! 

Happy Hump Day friends!! 

PS I'm loving the storms that rolled through Oklahoma last night!  Sebastian never gets scared but that little man was up ALL.NIGHT.LONG. whining to go outside... I guess he wanted to see first hand all the action. This is my last work day of the week.... can I get whooo hoooo! The doctor's have a leadership meeting tomorrow & Friday and closed down the office.  My momma got a job yesterday so hubby & I are taking her out to dinner tonight to celebrate!! See you guys on Smile Friday! Hope your day is wonderful & blessed. xoxo


  1. Ugh... I still get a little bit of a tummy ache thinking about all that hot chocolate dust I inhaled! It was a beautiful wedding though. I can't wait to see what DIYs you have up your sleeve for a certain shower! ;)

  2. Holy cow, girl, you are gorgeous!!! Love all the little details, especially the bag for your hotel guests! So thoughtful! Thanks so much for leaving a sweet comment on my desk post! off to go search some more of yours...


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