Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding ETSY finds

I found some great things for our wedding from Etsy.  I wanted to share some of my finds in case any brides out there are having "wedding planning block".  That's the new phrase I am giving the whole "I didn't have my wedding planned in my head since I was 5 years old like every other girl in the world & now I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO CHOOSE, HOW DO YOU PLAN A WEDDING?!"  It's not that I thought in my head growing up that I didn't want to get married because I have always wanted to get married (to the right person of course).  I just never really thought a lot about the wedding..... the decorations....... the colors....... the venue...... the style........ the theme.  So I was overwhelmed and procrastinated A LOT.  I'm sure I could have DIY'ed a lot of these things & I am sure you can too..... but if you wait till the last minute (like me) it's easy to just order it off Etsy! 

1.Personalized Thumb Print Poster.  We had this at the entrance table of the reception. This order came with the poster with our names, location, & wedding date, ink pad, pen, & sign in instruction card.  I wish the instruction card would have told the guest to sign under their thumbprint.  But other than that I LOVED this!  We are eventually going to get a custom frame for this to put up in our house.  This order was $38.00 + $11.50 for shipping. 

2.  Custom Wedding Cake Topper.  This was my FAVORITE order from etsy!  I sent her pictures of my dress, pictures of Chris, Sebastian & myself, colors of the wedding and she made a custom cake topper to reflect what we would actually look like on our wedding day.  Sebastian couldn't come to the wedding (he had other plans or something ;)) so this was our way of including him in it :)  I asked her to emphasize the height difference between Chris & I since he is 6'5" & I'm 5'3". This order was $165 + $25 for shipping. 

3. Small Hair Flower. I just wanted a small something to go in my hair and this did the trick!  It was $18.00 + $2.00 for shipping. 

4. Ivory Fur Bridal Wrap. I only wore this leaving the reception.  I wasn't entirely comfortable in it.... it was a little big.  I could have sewed something in it to make it fit better but I didn't :)

5. Ivory Lace Garter. I loved this garter! Etsy is definitely the place to order your garter.  The bridal stores had UGLY ones to choose from. I ordered a separate smaller one that matched to use as the throw garter.  This was $44.50 + $4.00 in shipping. 

6. Bride & Groom and Thank You signs. We had the bride & groom signs hanging off our chairs.  We made custom thank you cards through shutterfly with the thank you pictures (we still haven't sent out all our thank you cards eek).... we have 1 year though.... right? :) These signs were $44.95 + $4.95 for shipping. 

I know I could have made some of these things & saved $$ but I ran out of time & energy.  I sent a few of these things straight to the wedding planner in Crested Butte so I wouldn't have to ship or pack them. Etsy was a LIFE SAVER! 

Happy Monday xoxo

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  1. First of all, this post didn't show up in my reader for some reason...

    And secondly, I LOVED your Etsy finds. It was such a beautiful wedding, and SUCH a fun weekend! We were just talking the other day about how much we'd love to go back again.


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