Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Recap: Part 1

The handsome SEBASTIAN

Our newest fur baby..... Angel (but we want to call her Eleanor)

I've been a little ahem MIA this summer on the good ole blog.... sorry about that.  Things are about to change though. I am committing to blogging regularly during the month of August..... hey it's a start!  I am definitely a creature of habit and routine.... SO I just need to figure out a good routine that works :)


1. We celebrated 1 YEAR of owning our very FIRST HOME! I just LOVE LOVE our home.  I wish it were bigger (more bedrooms & bathrooms) so we could stay in it for a long time because it literally makes me so happy every time I pull into the driveway and walk through the door.  Don't get me wrong it still needs A LOT of work and it's not perfect.... but it's perfectly imperfect.  We are finally meeting with a good friend(who owns his own construction company) to discuss starting some of the big remodels.... bathroom, attic (new duct work & insulation), new concrete without massive cracks for the driveway, garage & walkway leading up to the house , and some work in the garage for the laundry area.  

2. Mr. Sophisticate had his very first Regatta at the Chesapeake boathouse. He rows in the corporate league for the company he works for.  He rowed for 1 year at the University of Arkansas his freshmen year.  He LOVES rowing..... and he's pretty good at it.  The new Devon boathouse in OKC is simply AMAZING.  If you live in OKC you really need to check it out! The race was really fun to watch.... and he had a little mini fan club cheering him on! My potluck roomy from college, Brittany came to visit for the weekend and went to the race with me!

not the best picture of us.... it was windy

The Oklahoma river.... taken from inside the Devon boathouse

3. I went to my good friend & hair stylist couples baby shower! I love what she named him...... Nash Eastman .  She actually had him 3 weeks early in July.  She's so sweet I just love her. 

Lacey & Clayton.... and baby Nash :)

4. I actually started and finished the 30 day shred. FOR. REAL. THIS. TIME. I made it a priority to do it every day after work at 5:30.  If I had to take a weekday off I just made it up on the weekend.  I definitely got stronger and my endurance increased... but I didn't loose any weight.  I guess you really do have to have an impeccable diet to loose weight... who would of thought!

Oh Jill- We have a hate hate relationship.
5. I spent a few Thursday nights on the rooftop of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for cocktails with the girls.  Although I haven't been back since the time sweat was running down my legs and my dress was soaked with sweat (sorry for the nasty visual but it's true).... hmm yah probably won't be going back for a while with this Oklahoma heat.  But I did get to try out the high bun.... and it's one of my new favorite summer hair styles! 

6.  We ACTUALLY started our budget we've been talking about. It feels great to have a plan and know where your $$ is going.  We're still adjusting to it.... but we have both made a valiant effort to stick with it! 

Part 2 will be out tomorrow.... it'll be the month of July.  July was errr pretty eventful for us.  Sebastian had a near death experience, hubby had a birthday, we acquired a new dog, and last but certainly not least I went to the NKOTBSB concert with my BFF.  

I'm back bloggy loves! 

Happy Monday..... hope it goes fast & smooth for ya :) 


  1. Lacey looks so pretty! And I had no idea you were wanting to call Angel Eleanor...

  2. Your house is PERFECT!! It lights up with love!! Sad summer is coming to an end......but sooooo ready for fall!


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