Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smile Friday: & Saturday ;)

I missed Smile Friday (on Friday) but not on SATURDAY! 

I went to see my momma yesterday in Stillwater.  We went to Hideaway for lunch YUMMO.... and did a little shopping after. I'm so happy she's back in OK :)Every time I'm in Stilly I have to stop by my old house and snap a picture! I lived in this house for 2 years (my sophomore & junior year of college). I am getting more and more involved in the Kappa alum group in OKC and really enjoying it.

I had to snap a quick picture of the stadium... it looks amazing! Thank you Mr. Pickens :)

Saturday has been great! 

1. I went to yoga and it.was.intense.... a lot of strength training but ahluvit... so relaxing.

2. Got my car cleaned inside & out. 

3. Picked up a matcha green tea smoothie from jamba juice with a vitamin & probiotic boost.

4. Went to ghetto land and did my grocery shopping... not as exciting as last week. 

5. Ashley's baby shower invitations came in the mail! So I can start addressing them and send them out on Monday whooo hooo! 

6. I am watching keeping up with the kardashian's and I am ashamed to say I am getting a little teary eyed... it's the episode where Khloe gets married. 

7. Waiting on hubby to get home from golfing so we can run a few errands! 

Have a happy Saturday friends. 

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  1. I completely forgot to be on the look out for you Friday! Hope you and your momma had a great time!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic saturday!! And stillwater is ALWAYS great too!!


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