Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Recap: Part 2


1. We spent the weekend of of July 4th at home relaxing errr except for Sebastian having a near death experience.  To make a long story short on the afternoon of July 3rd I went to pick up some lunch and had to take our friends big red work truck (we had borrowed it for transporting stone for the flower beds)  (mistake #1.... driving the big red truck).  I decided to take Sebastian with me because he looooooves car rides.  Well picture this..... me in my yoga pants & work out top in a red lifted truck with my trusty side kick with his handsome face out the window and white hair blowing in the breeze.  So the AC wasn't kicking in very quickly and it was HOT so I rolled down the windows ALL the way down (my second mistake) and let Sebass enjoy the air.  Well I was making a left hand turn at a busy intersection and he flies out of the window. YAH I KNOW RIGHT! My heart stopped beating....I slammed on the breaks,  couldn't figure out how to unlock the truck..... finally got out of the truck without putting on my flip-flops..... classy I know :) Luckily a man pulled over and swept up my baby and held him so nothing happened to him.  I am SO SO SO thankful God put that man there.  He was about 60ish and was like mam you need to roll up that window, he landed on his feet so I think he's alright.  I ashamedly said yes I know thank you thank you thank you.  I pulled over and cried my little eyes out and held Sebastian and thanked my lucky stars nothing happened to him. Then I realized he might have internal bleeding or a broken bone or brain injuries or......... SO I called my vet and he met us at his emergency clinic and checked him out.  He said he looked, sounded, and felt great.... he only broke 1 nail.  We were so lucky that day..... I couldn't imagine life without him.  Well so much for making that long story short :) 

2. Went to the NKOTBSB concert in Tulsa with my BFF Ashley.  It was SO much fun.  We ate our little hearts out at Bone Fish.... the bang bang shrimp appetizer is incredible. I tried my first sea bass.  We had gelato...... ohmygah it was great! My very intelligent friend researched the set list for the concert and downloaded all the songs and burned a CD for us to memorize all the songs before the concert.  UH excellent idea!  We sang our little hearts out and watched a bunch of 30-40 year old men act they were still in their early 20's. It.was.awesome. There was a lot of crotch grabbing, tank tops being ripped off,  old school dance moves (my personal fav), and a wide age range of women at the concert.  I will say Joey from New Kids sang in his high voice and sounded better than ever!  Marky Mark's little brother Donny Walberg is a member of New Kids and every time he sang I totally thought of Mark and his dashing good looks! It was really nice to spend a weekend away with a good friend.  It wasn't too far away but it was perfect timing.  I needed a little break from everything. 

3.  We celebrated hubby's bday by going to The Coach House and meeting up with friends at Republic after.  The Coach House was so DELISH! Expensive.... but so worth it.  I baked hubby a red velvet cake for his bday.... which he did not touch for FOUR WHOLE DAYS before I finally cut him a piece and FORCED kindly suggested he try the birthday cake :) 

Oops forgot to get a picture of us from his birthday night..... here's a pic of the cake 

4.  My dad moved from Arkansas to Arizona to help take care of his momma in Arizona.  Unfortunately he couldn't take his dog Angel because his momma (my OMA) is fragile and to put it bluntly old.  Angel was originally my brother's dog.... but my dad took her when he moved to Arkansas.  My dad couldn't find a good home for her in Arkansas so I told him we would foster her till we could find a good home for her here.  Well..... then we fell in love with the sweet girl.  We got her spayed & vaccinated 2 weeks ago & we're getting both fur babies groomed this Friday.  I am so happy she's apart of the family..... she fits perfectly! Oh and we want to rename her Eleanor :) She's 6 years old. And has been called Angel for the last 6 years.  This might be difficult but we're just going to swing it in there like a lil nickname we're giving her :)

5.  I went to see a free screening of The Help with my KKG girls.  It is SOOOOOOOOO GOOD you guys! Seriously you have to go see this movie. Enough said.

6.  I went to my first Junior Hospitality meeting.  It's similar to the Junior league.... but not as big of a time commitment and less expensive. I played BUNKO for the first time and it was alotta fun! This year JH's philanthropy is rebuilding together okc..... we'll be working on fixing up some elderly folks homes. I'm excited to meet new people and do some community philanthropy work.  PS They played bunko in "The Help" and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of the movie while I was at this JH meeting.  Luckily we aren't back in those times and change has occurred my friend! Also the girls weren't hoity toity (sp?) .... they were laid back real girls wanting to meet new people & volunteer. 

7. Mi madre has moved back to Oklahoma!  She's currently looking for a J-O-B and a place to live. I'm happy she'll be closer & I'll get to see her more! 

8. I went to another baby shower for one of my dental hygiene girls, Cianne!  She is SO STINKIN ADORABLE.... it's ridic. She's naming her son Sutton..... I love it!  It was great to catch up with all my dh girls & of course all the dental gossip :) 

That's our summer recap.  Not gonna lie..... we've taken advantage of some uneventful weekends and enjoyed just hanging out with each other and being lazy.  Hubby has been working very hard at work and is doing such a great job.... I'm so proud of him. I'm loving our family of four. 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I'm new to your blog and I love it! Sounds like you've had a VERY eventful summer!

  2. Poor sebastain....Thank god for that man!! cant wait to see what the fall has in store for you!

  3. I can't wait to see The Help, and I'm still so glad little Sebastian is okay!

  4. Love the simplicity of that cake! Come see the Charlotte doll.


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