Friday, September 2, 2011

Smile Friday: TOP 5 LIST

I am a BIG lover of lists... so I thought I would make a top 5 Friday list :)

1. UM to say our house is excited for college football ALL.DAY.LONG. tomorrow is an understatement. The hubs & I plan on hibernating and watching ALL the games in-doors in the comfort of our home. Don't get me wrong tailgating & being in the college town is AWESOME but we are trying to save some $$$ for our trip to Austin next weekend. 

2. I went to lunch at Cafe 501 (again) with some girl friends... it was delish as always. We went to the green bambino and I had my friend Ashley pick out a cloth diaper for baby C. Green Bambino is having a big moving sale with 10% off everything in the store and they also sent out a $5 off coupon via email subscription. I know I know it's so not fun that I had her pick it out.... but I wanted her to get the one she wants :) We also checked out the Sunflower market in OKC and I lubadubdub it!!! Whooooo Hooooo finally we are getting some good grocery stores in the area. It's a smaller cheaper version of whole foods. We also made a Starbucks run :) :) :) This was supposed to give me energy to clean & do laundry, but what I have done since I've been home???...... sit on my computer read blogs & look at Erin Condren planners. 

3. Which brings me to #3, I ordered my first Erin Condren planner. If you order the planner now you get the rest of 2011 FREE and all of 2012. My friend Ashley showed me her new Erin Condren planner today and I fell in love. This is the one I ordered.... it's the multi color zig zag. I used the promo code seeyousoon25 and I got $25 off! So my total order was $33 and some change. Perfecto! 

4. I rowed for the first time last night since April of this year. It was not pretty folks. I would like to think I'm a pretty coordinated person, I cheered & did dance all growing up.... but uh I am SO NOT coordinated on the river. It's actually pretty hilarious to watch me. I am taking a free class right now offered by the masters at the Cheasapeake Boathouse and you were supposed to have taken learn to row 1 & 2. Well I've only taken learn to row 1 :) I figured I would just wing it. Lets just say the coach could obviously tell I hadn't taken learn to row 2. I will say I feel 150% out of my comfort zone & I kinda like it! I'm not giving up on this.... yet anyways :)

5. I was able to take my fur babies on a nice cool walk this morning. They were so excited! 


Happy Smile Friday everyone! Enjoy your (hopefully) college football filled weekend :) 

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  1. Thanks for the code on the Erin Condren planner. I've been browsing the site for weeks but haven't taken the plunge until I saw your post. I appreciate it.

    Jenny Collier


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