Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Skadoodlehopper's

I FIRST must give credit where credit is due.  Annie over at Adorkable Annie posted this recipe last week and it looked soooo delish I couldn't resist replicating it.  Annie also created the name "skadoodlehopper" because seriously who likes the word cake balls  anyways! 

The recipe is RIDONKULOUSLY easy. I mean really.

DO NOT USE the chocolate bars in the picture
(3 eggs not pictured)

Bake your yellow cake.

After the cake is baked, in a bowl mix the cake with the full container of icing. 

Roll the cake/icing mixture into little cake balls skadoodlehopper's.

OK this is real important DO NOT try to use these.

Instead use this as your dipping chocolate/vanilla.  Works MUCH better :)

Dip away! Decorate your skadoodlehopper's when the chocolate/vanilla is still warm.

These skadoodlehopper's are TO DIE FOR! OMG so easy to make and so DELISH. 


  1. Loving this super simple recipe! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog today! My friend here in Idaho owns a company called "Cake Balls" and they really play up the "balls" aspect...it's hilarious. And their stuff is GORGEOUS (I haven't sampled their product yet). I bet you could find them on Facebook!


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