Thursday, February 3, 2011


Our friend & neighbor Hanieh came over to play in the snow!  I attempted to make a snowman (located behind us) but it ended up looking like a pyramid/nipple. So I didn't take any pictures of that. 

I'm going to be honest I did NOTHING that was on my to do list for the day.  I wanted to have some fun on my last snow day... can ya blame a girl?

I did however decide to shred today.  I started boiling my water.. to bathe & wash my hair,  if you're confused at this point read up on THIS, and popped in the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  I love this work out... it kills me every time.  Just when I think my stamina is up I move on to the next level and BAM get knocked back down with shaky arms & legs,  gasping for air. 

i swear i did not plan strength to be on the screen
So I planned it just right..... after my shred my water was boiling and I was able to wash my hair in the sink!  Whoooo Hooooo.  I feel like it's a challenge so I'm strangely enjoying it.  My bath however did not have the right mixture of boiling water with freezing tap water and it was little on the chilly side.  Oh well you live and learn right. 

I decided to make a "semi-homemade" pizza for lunch. 

I swear on my life I did not plan for this to be a heart shaped pizza.  But I used my rolling pin for the crust and it kinda just formed the heart shape and I "rolled with it" ha! I'll post pics from this recipe closer to V-day seeing as how it's all heart themed now. 

Mr. Sophisticate & I were starting to get cabin fever & I was CRAVING sbuxs, iced venti chai latte with 8 pumps to be exact.  I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It's all I could concentrate on.  So finally Mr. Sophisticate was tired of listening to me whine about how I couldn't go on any longer till I had one in my hands and we ventured out. Only to find that sbuxs was closed. DOY! But then we saw hideaway was open.  And that made it all better.  Plus I ate my body weight in fried mushrooms.  But now my stomach is REALLY ticked off at me.

my drink of choice is in the middle row to the right :)

The picture above is from a Friday afternoon of running errands with my girlfriend Ash over at Smile Steady.  Maison from sbuxs was kind enough to give us 2 extra drinks on top of our 2 we had originally ordered.  We were in heaven :)

See nothing too productive.  Besides the shred. 

My work is open today! Woooo Hoooo I'm ready to clean some teeth.  Mr. Sophisticate is going to be my knight in shining armor and drive me to work today! 

Have a happy Thursday :)



  1. Bahahaha! You make me laugh! Pyramid/nipple. Classic!

  2. Sorry to see the Starbucks was closed...:(...I knew how much you were craving that! ha! Maybe next week we will have another snow day and I can maybe help you with your nipple/pyramid/snowman dilemma.

  3. The shred totally kicks my butt! I haven't done it in months. I've traded in shredding for pre-natal yoga, lol.

  4. My favorite lil' snow bunnies! Miss you both!


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