Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It is snow day #2 for us!!! I for one am VERY excited.  Let me share what I have accomplished on snow day #1.

  • Washed my hair in the sink with a mixture of boiled water & freezing cold tap water.  You guessed it... our pipes are FROZEN.  I guess that's what we get for having an old 1940's home.  Don't get me wrong I am head over heels in love with our home.  Minus the frozen pipes, drafty windows,  and all the home improvements in our future :) 
  • Took a tiny bath with all 4 pots of boiling water & freezing cold tap water.... which made for a tiny bath with luke warm water.  I finally gave in and heated up the water around 2:00 AFTER we tried to drive over to a friends house to shower and got stuck trying to get out of our driveway.  Luckily we had some sweet neighbors that helped us get back in our driveway. 
  • Cleaned out my purse.  It was really gross.  I also took pictures (not with the gross stuff) and plan on doing a "What's in my Handbag" post. 
  • Blogged about Valentine Skadoodlehopper's This is an easy recipe and SO delish. 
  • Deleted all my pictures off my camera & started to delete them off my iphone.  Don't worry I have already imported them to my iphoto. 
  • Cleaned out my personal email.  This is embarrassing but I had 1,500 emails to go through. MOST of them were unimportant ones.... such as Old Navy, Bare minerals, J Crew, you know those coupon emails you get daily.  I did the same thing with my email last year about this time.  When cleaning it out this time around I found that I was pretty good about keeping up with it till September.  I think this is when wedding planning got the best of me. 
  • Researched the Kappa Kappa Gamma Leadership Academy.  I am interested in going to this Leadership Academy. It's in September Thursday-Sunday.  I am a dental hygienist at a pediatric dental office and I am also clinical supervisor there.  I am always looking for ways to GROW as a leader.  I feel like being a clinical supervisor puts me in "leadership role" and I want to make sure I am constantly challenging myself & growing to become a better, stronger leader.
  • Compiled all my TAX information to send off to my CPA.  I don't trust myself to do it on my own.  I don't want the IRS after me! Plus we have had a family accountant for years & years that we trust.
  • Researched getting involved in the Junior League of Oklahoma City.  It's a great way to get involved in community service, meet new people, and once again grow as a leader. 
  • EAT EAT EAT. I cooked chicken & dumplings the night before the "blizzard" hit so we ate on that all day yesterday.  Along with some oatmeal, cereal, & mac n cheese :)  Oh and ONE valentine skadoodlehopper that was left :( sad day. 
poor guy doesn't like going potty in the deep cold snow

snow drifts whooop whooop

the hubs cleaning off our cars & shoveling the driveway

I already have a list of things to do today.  Maybe I'll share tomorrow, that is if I didn't bore you enough with the list above. 

First on the list..... BOIL SOME WATER TO WASH MY HAIR! 



  1. You've been pretty busy despite being stuck inside! Hope you get hot water soon, cold showers suck. :/

  2. I am still cracking up at the thought of you in like 4 inches of lukewarm water with a bunch of empty pots and pans surrounding the tub. bahaha!

    Oh- and I forgot about Junior League. WHEN were you going to remind me? Ahem.

  3. And P.S. You have seriously got to turn off this word verification on your comments. I never get it right, and it's driving me crazy!

  4. Now that I've officially dominated your comments section, I feel like I need to apologize for sounding like a jerk in those last two. :) Love!

  5. Man! You were BIZ-E! I had no idea you were dealing with frozen pipes! Ugh. I'm so sorry. That stinks! They won't burst, will they? Yikes!


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