Friday, February 4, 2011

Smile Friday: OKMOM

This puts a HUGE smile across my face.  I am so excited and thrilled that I have the opportunity to serve Oklahoman's today & tomorrow here in Oklahoma City.  I will be volunteering my services at the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy.  I am very happy to be helping Oklahoman's who don't have dental insurance or are under insured get their dental treatment & cleanings that are much needed.  I will get to see Gods hand touching the lives of many people.  And this will keep me smiling for quite some time!  I love my career.  I love that nearly everyone at my office volunteered for this great cause.  This blizzard will NOT come in the way of OKMOM.  

Happy Friday!! 



  1. HALF of the adults in OK don't have dental insurance? OMG! That's just crazy! This was an amazing video.

  2. I am so proud of you guys for participating in this. What a great thing! Have a great weekend, Diana!


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