Monday, February 7, 2011

roller coaster of a weekend

I had a somewhat rough weekend.  

On Friday I had the privilege of spending the day at Oklahoma Mission of Mercy giving local anesthesia to patients needing dental work.  Most of which were extractions :( It was great seeing a lot of my coworkers from the office I work at volunteering as well.  I really do work with some great people.  Here is a pic from the end of the day... we were looking a little rough err tired at this point. 

This is when the story takes a drastic turn for the worst.  I'm driving home at the end of a long yet rewarding day and it's snowing AGAIN. I call Mr. Sophisticate & he's outside with Sebastian and says uh-oh babe I think I can hear watering running in the garage.  Yup of freaking course our pipes burst in the garage... water everywhere.  Luckily there is a drain in the garage & there was no real damage besides my emotional state.  So, the hubs had to turn off our water.  Thank the good lord we have a friend that's plumber and said he could come over Saturday at noon, which we were/are SO thankful for him.  We had to stick it out at the house Friday night & Saturday till noon with NO WATER. Hello... uh I need to use the bathroom.  So Saturday I went over to my friend Julie's house to shower, brush my teeth, use the restroom you know all the normal things I take for granted daily.  Our friend fixed our pipes and our hot water phew! We had been with out hot water since Tuesday.  

Unfortunately I had to miss OKMOM on Saturday.  One of my pet peeves is when people commit to something and then back out of it.  Oh boy does that errk me.  Well that's what I did on Saturday.  I felt like having NO water & figuring out what our next step should be was vital for Saturday.  So I stayed home till we got everything squared away- well minus going over to Julie's to shower. 

Saturday evening I remembered The Pioneer Woman was supposed to have a book signing at Full Circle Bookstore in OKC.  I assumed it was cancelled since she cancelled her signing in Tulsa the Thursday before because of the weather.  However, I went to the bookstore anyways to pick up her new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

When I arrived I was shocked to find that SHE WAS ACTUALLY THERE still doing her signing.  So duh I waited in line for 2 hours to get my book I had just purchased signed by none other than Ree Drummond -The Pioneer Woman- herself!  Oh and I got to meet Marlboro Man and I saw their cute little kiddos. MM really is a hunky cowboy. Mr. Sophisticate arrived just in time to take a pic of P-dub & I! 

At this point I am one happy girl!  I read through half the book Saturday night.  Quite a great little love story.  

We had already scheduled a plumber (through our home warranty) to come out Sunday morning to check out our hot water tank.  Our hot water doesn't last for too long at a time.... like don't plan on taking longer than an 8 minute warm shower at our house.  Not to mention the tank looks ancient & nasty.  Anyways the other plumber arrived Sunday morning & of course said yup you guys FOR SURE need a new hot water tank and by the way hardly anything about this hot water tank is up to code.  So he took pictures and is submitting it to our home warranty to see what all will be covered.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that most of it will be covered.  Oh the joys of being a homeowner! 

In an effort to turn my frown upside down we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond & purchased this little guy called the Shark!  We had some gift cards to spare so why not?!  It's a vacuum & mop steamer all in one.  I've heard good things about it so hopefully it helps with cleaning the wood floors in our house. 

We had our friend Steven over to watch the superbowl Sunday night.  None of us were really into it but we watched it anyways and indulged in some aged cheese & crackers he picked up for us at Forward Foods.... yummmmmy! Not your typical "super bowl food". 

This weekend was filled with highs & lows.  I'm glad the weekend is over.  I'm thankful to have water.  I'm thankful to have warm water.  I pray our hot water tank is covered by our home warranty.  I'm loving my new book.  The Black Eyed Pea's were terrible.  Christina messed up on the national anthem.  I now have a shark.  Over 2,000 Oklahoman's were treated this weekend at OKMOM. I love my husband for not killing me this weekend for having a terrible attitude at times.  I'm ready to get back in the swing of things & have this yucky blizzard gone for GOOD. 

Congratulations if you made it through the entire post. 

I think that was some therapy for me :) Thanks for listening.

Have a Happy Monday loveys! 


  1. You know I always love a gratuitous westie pic. ADORBS. :)

    Sorry you had such a rough weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed your home warranty covers most of your water heater costs.

  2. Awe! Bless your heart. I'm sorry you had such a crummy weekend. Not cool! We had home troubles of our own--leaky ceiling and vent-a-hood from snow getting into the attic. Yes, the joys of home ownership!


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