Sunday, January 20, 2013

week 2

Here are my pics from week 2 in January.

My cloth diaper collection from last year. I decided last year to pick up 2 diapers per month so I could have a total of 24 one size fits all diapers. I mostly stuck with that except when Christmas rolled around and then I was more focused on buying Christmas gifts sooo I have a few more one size diapers to get this year and about 10 more new born size diapers to have my stock pile complete! 
I'm not pregnant just wanting to prepare for when that time comes!

My P90X calendar. This is after week 1 and I have currently completed week 2. Whooo Hooo! I was VERY sore this first week. Since then I have picked up After Glow a recovery drink from GNC and it is helping out with the soreness. It's really nice to be back in a regular work out routine.

My husband. The dog whisperer.

I love it when Sebastian cuddles like this.

My handsome little man.

Home made chicken noodle soup.

A random Monday afternoon lunch date with my love.

These are a few of my favorite things! Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon, 
After Glow (my new recovery drink... it's SO yummy), Charlie's soap & a new cloth diaper! 

Meh. THIS is what we did last Saturday night. We went to our first MMA fight... only because we got invited and had free tickets. Not really our thing. I think it's kinda barbaric & don't feel right about cheering on people beating the crap outta other people. But, I respect that some people are into this. Just not my thing.

At our favorite place The Mule.... trying to make healthier decisions with my eating. Salad & tomato soup!

Chris's grilled cheese with macaroni & cheese and BBQ! 

Hopefully I can get caught back up with last weeks pictures... although I didn't take near as many. Hope you guys are having a wonderful end to your weekend & have a great start to your new week! 

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  1. I can't get into MMA either. It really is barbaric!!!


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