Friday, January 25, 2013

the 90's rock

My last 2 weeks in pictures.

Catching up on some Full House in the break-room at work. 
Deej & Kimmie... Best Frans Forever :) I couldn't peel my eyes away from this show. Reminded me of my after school shows growing up.

This is what my sweet girl does when I'm trying to work out. 

And he snuggles up in a ball & falls asleep. 
Lately though he's been ditching me and getting back in bed with his daddy.

I enjoyed opening this little goody. Directly following I took a nap :) I listen.

My friend Erin had a 90's themed Birthday party for her 29th!
I partially participated by wearing a Saved By The Bell shirt. 
The 90's were HID-E-OUS & by hideous I mean fantastic.

Not thrilled about skipping my morning work out and having to come home after a full day of work to do yoga. It was worth it though. P90X yoga is HARD. Probably the hardest day of the week.

Sweet Clara playing with her favorite puzzle. 

Wine & pizza night with the girls. A wonderful Thursday night.

After tomorrow I will have finished week 3 of P90X!!! Can't wait to take my measurements, weight & pictures after week 4. Hopefully I will see some changes.

I have plans to do some volunteering tomorrow with my Junior Hospitality girls! I also want to make a trip to the Oklahoma City library. I'm ashamed to say I've never been. 

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. the 90s do rock!
    and so impressed that you are doing p90x. i am so out of shape right now. aaaaah...


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