Sunday, January 6, 2013

My week in pictures.

I got some really good advice from a few you about the content of my blog. What I have decided is... just blog for myself and share with you all! So I'll blog whenever I have time which is mostly on the weekends & document what's going on in our lives, so one day I can look back and have all these memories & pictures on the blog. 

Last week in pictures :)

Celebrated friend Christmas with some girl friends last night by going to Les Mis in the Moore Warren Balcony, exchanging gifts and then heading to Red Prime for a drink! I LOVE seeing movies at the Warren Theatre in the balcony & it's even better when you're seeing a fantastic & moving film like Les Miserables. 
It was really great to catch up with these girls :)

Received an adorable wedding invitation in the mail this week 
from a girl I work with. Very excited for her!

My two little fur babies. I love them so.

Getting prepared on New Years Day to write down my goals for 2013.

Got to visit with some of my childhood friends in Northwest Arkansas last Sunday. Always warms my heart. We never having a problem picking up where we left off. The picture is a little blurry because Brittany's husband was trying to shake a toy in his left hand to get the babies to look at the camera. It worked! Just created a little blurry picture.

I found this coat last weekend at Mason's in Northwest Arkansas. As you can see the button in the back was falling off but I just couldn't pass up this coat... so they gave me 20% off because of the button. The next day when I went to visit my friends (pictured above) my friend Brittany caught sight of the button walking in the door (I knew she would!) and offered to sew it on for me. 
Um yes please. Thanks Britt! 
I took pics in the store to send to Chris to see if he liked the coat. He did! 
I wasn't planning on spending Christmas $$ on a coat but hey you can't pass up a good coat find.

Lastly I FINALLY found a riding boot I like. I have been searching for the past 3 months for a simple black riding boot with little to no heel. My friend Kristen sent me a text Friday night (because I asked her to keep her eyes peeled for me) of this Frye Melissa Trapunto boot at Nordstrom that was 33% off. They had the boot in a 5.5 and 7.... I normally wear a 6.5 but I figured I can probably make a 7 work so I ordered it online, fingers crossed it fits. 
And just like that... all my Christmas $$$ was spent! 

We're enjoying an afternoon Thunder game on TV and I definitely see a nap in my future :) 

Have a good week friends!


  1. So glad we got to see each other over Christmas! I am going to try and start blogging with the same intentions you are---for myself in order to make books of the blog!

    Love seeing pics of your sweet family!

  2. Love that jacket! Glad your friend offered to fix the button! So cute.


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