Friday, January 14, 2011

Smile Friday: DEXTER!

My good friend Ashley at Smile Steady is having a link party on Friday's called Smile Friday!

It's meant for you to post something that makes YOU smile :) Soooo I am participating & linking up!

Dexter really makes me smile.  Especially having a season marathon with Mr. Sophisticate & Sebastian over the weekend :)  We are in the middle of season 5 right now and it is GOOD!  I'm talking watch 1 DVD right after the other and stay up till midnight (I realize this is not late for some of you) GOOD.  It's on Hulu if you don't have Showtime.  Happy Friday everyone :) 

It's been a GREAT first week in the blogging world! 



  1. Yes- Dexter is great, but the intro kind of grosses me out! Thanks for playing along!

  2. I really need to catch on to Dexter, I've heard such good things!!!

  3. Oh lawd! Love me some Dexter! We're almost through with Season 2. Hopefully Netflix streMing picks up Season 3 SOON! it's so addicting! My favorite show!

  4. Love love love me some Dexter! I love watching a new series all in a row :)

  5. I love Dexter too! Haven't watched it in a few seasons, so I may need to do some MAJOR catchup.
    Here's my Smile Friday:


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