Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Make: A DIAPER CAKE :)

My friend Julie and I really wanted to make our friend Krystalyn a diaper cake for her baby shower.  Neither of us knew how to do this so obviously  I you tubed how to make one.  It was about a 4 minute video and consisted of an easy step by step instruction.  Side note: I LOVE you tube.... if ever I don't know how to do something I either a. google it or b. you tube it and vuyala problem solved! 

1. 60 diapers (all white preferably) 
2. 2 bottles
3. 1 package of clear rubber bands
4. 1 package of large regular rubber bands
5. ribbon of your choice
6. cake topper... we chose a wooden letter and glitterized it!
7. double sided tape

1.  First roll each diaper from bottom to top and wrap a clear rubber band around it.

we ran out of clear bands for this one :)

2.  Place 1 bottle in the center with a large rubber band and create ring of rolled diapers.  For the base you will need 3 rings of diapers, center 2 rings, and top 1 ring.  For the center and top ring you will need your second bottle in the center.

3.  Next add your fun ribbon and use the double sided tape on the back side to secure the ribbon.

4. Decorate your cake topper.  In this case we glitterized a wooden C for Clara.  And you have yourself a DIAPER CAKE!! 

Sorry for the crappy iphone pictures.  I really need to invest in a nice camera.




  1. I think the end result turned out super cute! Can't wait for you to make one of these for me someday!

  2. OT but I came across you blog when googling diaper cakes and I gotta say, I love your necklace(in header). Do you mind sharing where you found it?

  3. you are sweet to answer. thanks a ton :)


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