Thursday, January 13, 2011

brown herringbone sebastian bed

Sebastian's current bed is a raulph lauren blanket (very soft & comfortable) but we have to haul it upstairs and downstairs every morning/evening for bed and for the day.  It's annoying.  Not to mention the bed is getting kinda gross.  Yes, I have washed it.   The goal is to leave his blanket either up/downstairs and have his bed in the other place.  We thought it was about time he had his own big boy bed.  Of course with his name on it.  So we found THIS dog bed on sale at Orvis and ordered it in the herringbone pattern.  

Do you see how poofy it is?  I mean I really like the look,  pattern, and color but it's kinda on the poofy side. 

Sebastian thinks so too as he is not even going near the thing.  

Mr. Sophisticate says we are going to get him acclimated with the bed this week.

Um yah this entails hauling his blanket, new bed, and crate (he likes sleeping in it every now and then) upstairs/downstairs every morning/night.  Barf.

How do I get him comfortable with his new bed.  That has his name on it.  That I will force him to get comfortable with.  Lure him on it with treats? 

sleeping on my belly :)


  1. Try taking one of yours and your hubby's t-shirts (one that you've not washed) and put them on his new bed. This will make it smell more like a place he wants to be...instead of the Orvis factory. Good luck! :-0

  2. Aww sweet puppy!!!

    My Bodie was never keen on his beds unless I placed them inside his crate. This may sound crazy, but wear a really big shirt around the house for a few days then put it over the bed like a pillowcase. (Puts your scent on it)


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