Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bird wedding

My good friends Kimberly & Jay got engaged on our wedding weekend and we could not have been MORE thrilled.  See.... hubby & I got engaged after our good friends wedding the year before.... so we were thrilled the legend could continue! 

Kimberly & Jay could not be anymore perfect for one another.  They compliment each other SO WELL. Kimberly & I grew up together in Arkansas....... and Jay and the hubby have become great "wedding" friends.  We go to a lot of weddings & well they (hubby & Jay) hit it off from the very first wedding. Jay is so genuine and kind.  Kimberly is so sweet, creative, giving, and loyal. They are to say the least a great combo. 

They were "set free" over memorial weekend in a beautiful wedding that was SO THEM! Here are some bridal pics & pics from the wedding. 

It was gorgeous right! 


  1. Such a gorgeous fun wedding! And a beautiful bride for sure!

  2. you said it all too well diana!!!!!


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